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Nursing scrubs to enhance your comfort | Generated Blogs To Become Fit

Nursing scrubs to enhance your comfort

A well-dressed nurse attending in the hospital makes the patient feel confident. The nursing staff provides front line medical care, and it’s therefore necessary that from the point of view of hygiene, the nurse herself is well dressed with appropriate nursing scrubs also called as a scrub nurse.

nursing scrubs

Duties of a scrub nurse:

 As a matter of fact, the scrub nurse is the one who makes preparations in the operation theater. During the course of operation, this nurse also assists the surgeon by providing all the surgical instruments as and when required.

Brief history:

In common parlance, nursing scrubs are nothing but uniforms for the nurses. Scrubs are clothes, which were originally used by doctors and surgeons while attending to the patient. Gradually, the utility of scrubs got extended to nurses as well.

A traditional dress:

With the passage of time, the design and application of nursing scrubs have undergone considerable changes. Traditionally, the nursing uniform consisted of white skirt, white cap, white socks and shoes, which have more or less become a part of the history. This traditional white dress is now replaced by dresses of various colors.

Since the recent past the nursing scrubs have gone tremendous changes. Some of the revolutionary changes in Gold Coast nursing scrubs could be summarized as follows:

·        In the course of time, it was found that the traditional white scrubs cause irritation to some patients. As a result of this, now many hospitals and nursing homes have adopted green and light blue as the ideal colors for nursing staff.

·        Now, medical scrubs are designed to look appropriately fashionable. Some of the hospitals have instituted scrubs with elegant designs. It was also felt that traditional scrubs did not offer the much needed comfort to the nursing staff. Therefore, while designing the scrubs, emphasis is now laid on the comfort it offers to the nursing staff.

·        Further, in order to ensure hygiene, nursing scrubs in Gold Coast are redesigned appropriately. For example, the modern scrubs have minimum pockets. Thereby you can reduce accumulation of dirt. Further, the polyester and such other fabrics that are used in the making of these scrubs are very easy to wash as against the traditional cotton fabric.

·        The traditional cotton fabric is now replaced by polyester and such other fabrics. Such dresses are light in weight, and they look elegant. The nursing staff would feel more comfortable with such scrubs. Naturally, such dresses enhance the confidence of the nursing staff. More details at Mediscrubs.

Buy online:

Many hospitals and nursing homes have started redesigning the scrubs for their nursing and medical staff. They normally buy nursing scrubs in Gold Coast from any of the reputed online stores or dedicated fabric stores. Apart from nursing staff, exclusive scrubs are also available for doctors including surgeons, anaesthetists and such medical staff.


 Normally, the dress code for nurses and the medical staff is within the domain of the hospital concerned. Yet the hospitals should ensure the nurses feel comfortable in the dress. All that the law requires is the dress should be thoroughly washed and in perfect hygienic condition. Visit us at http://mediscrubs.com.au/.

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